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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What things will I need to bring when staying in a tipi?

    Generally other than spare clothes and your own food and drink the answer is very little. We see it as our job to provide the things you need and make your adventure a comfortable one. 

  • Do we need to bring drinking water?

    Whilst we do provide large drinking water containers, there is no running water on site so we do recommend that you bring drinking water with you.

  • Do I have to take all food and equipment with me in the canoe?

    You can leave your luggage with us at the tipi base whilst you're out on your excursion.

  • How much canoeing the river Wye will we do each day?

    We offer a variety of options that cater for groups of different abilities. All our options cater for families that want to "enjoy the river" rather than "endure the river". The minimum estimated canoeing time is 2 hours and maximum estimated canoeing time for the longest day is approximately 8 hours.

  • What will I find at the tipi?

    Each tipi is equipped for a luxurious camping experience and has a natural matting floor, sheepskin rugs, futon sofas (that become beds with extra thick mattresses), duvets, pillows, blankets, an indoor fire pit, all crockery and cooking utensils, teabags/coffee/sugar, solar lights, 1 bag of wood, 1 bag of kindling & 1 bag of charcoal. 

    Outside the tipi you'll find a fire pit, picnic table/benches and acres of peaceful riverside pasture to complete your glamping experience. 

    There is also a toilet and shower block.

  • What sort of cooking equipment is provided?

    We provide mugs, cups, cutlery, plates & bowls, kitchen utensils, a frying pan, pots and a kettle.

  • I am uncertain about paddling in a canoe?

    All of our canoes are "open boats" i.e. the traditional Canadian canoes. Canadian Canoe hire is an established summertime family activity on the River Wye. On the stretch of river we use it is generally calm water although the river does naturally flow quicker in certain parts. Beginners are very welcome, we have a reputation for getting complete novices to set-off confidently on the river.

    Everyone receives fitted buoyancy aids and a safety brief.

    We can tie canoes side by side (rafted together) to give you extra stability and peace of mind. However, our preference, as shown during our safety brief, is to encourage you to learn to enjoy the canoe the way it was designed to be paddled!

  • What if the river is too high?

    Our staff take the river levels on a daily basis to ensure the river remains at a safe level for families and groups. If, at any point, we feel conditions are too challenging for our customers we will refrain from putting people on the river. 

    Should the river be near flood and the Tipis be considered not safe to use, we will refund the Tipi hire costs or offer you an alternative date.

  • Is Tipi Adventure open all year?

    No. We open from Easter time - end of October. 

  • Is there a minimum age?

    We welcome all ages, though children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

    For certain outdoor pursuits there is a minimum age requirement. Please contact us to discuss further.

  • Are Tipi Adventure staff available during my adventure?

    Your adventure has been designed so we don't appear to be in the way of your family or group experience. Usually from start to finish you'll be left alone but we do provide an emergency contact number should the need arise.